Human Resources


In a fast-paced environment, it is demanding to have an organizational structure and culture that make us fit to win the market. Foremost, our HR professionals are required to find, attract the right talent, as well as retain and develop our in-house talent to support and grow our business.

Our HR teams play a lead role delivering and continuously improving policies, processes, systems and services such as payroll, compensation and benefits, training, performance and talent management.

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Germany Detmold Product Developer (m/w/d)
Product Developer (m/w/d) Germany Jul 17, 2024 Detmold
Jul 17, 2024
Portugal Maia IEFP Professional Internship_Technology Engineer Jul 16, 2024
MASCHINENFÜHRER PB / OPERATOR PB (m/w/d) Germany Jul 15, 2024 Beeskow
Jul 15, 2024
South Africa White River Boilemaker
Boilemaker South Africa Jul 12, 2024 White River
Jul 12, 2024
Portugal Maia Senior Internal Auditor
Senior Internal Auditor Portugal Jul 10, 2024 Maia
Jul 10, 2024
Germany Power Plant Kraftwerksingenieur / Power Plant Engineer (m/w/d)
Kraftwerksingenieur / Power Plant Engineer (m/w/d) Germany Jul 9, 2024 Power Plant
Jul 9, 2024
Germany Nettgau Anlagenbediener PB (m/w/d)
Anlagenbediener PB (m/w/d) Germany Jul 8, 2024 Nettgau
Jul 8, 2024
Germany Nettgau Anlagenbediener CTS (m/w/d)
Anlagenbediener CTS (m/w/d) Germany Jul 8, 2024 Nettgau
Jul 8, 2024
Germany Nettgau Anlagenbediener OSB (m/w/d)
Anlagenbediener OSB (m/w/d) Germany Jul 4, 2024 Nettgau
Jul 4, 2024
Germany Beeskow Operational System Technician (m/w/d)
Operational System Technician (m/w/d) Germany Jun 30, 2024 Beeskow
Jun 30, 2024