We are a global company operating in two continents and with around 3000 employees. Our diversity sets a difference in our company and makes us stronger. Each employee brings to their work a unique set of skills, strengths and experiences, and uses these to enrich their teams and to contribute to the success of Sonae Arauco.

At Sonae Arauco we encourage and promote social, civic and environmental responsibility initiatives. We strive to make a difference and improve our employees and their family’s life, as well as the communities where we are present.

Because in Sonae Arauco we believe that social and community involvement can be just as beneficial to our employees, every year we promote and support several initiatives in areas such as sustainable development, environment, education, wellbeing and others


Taking me Further Program – Portugal @Maia

This initiative is an example of a dedicated programme designed to develop a balanced, high performance and healthy work environment. It aims to promote equilibrium between mind, emotions, body and health.

Our employees are inviting to join several activities such as running, cycling, paddle, guitar lessons and nutrition according to their personal preferences. 


Given that our business is directly connected to the use of natural resources, we take our responsibility extremely seriously in relation to raising environmental awareness and preserving the environment. 

We promote reforestation initiatives, gathering employees and families in a commitment for a sustainable community.


Throughout the years, our company has invested in several education initiatives, in order to have a greater influence and impact in our communities.

In programmes such as CSI - Corporate Social Investment in South Africa, Sonae Arauco continues to be challenged to deliver high quality education, and our main focus is on maths and science development, including students who wish to specialise in the industrial, manufacturing sector.

We also sponsor and provide for a cooked meal for both Lungisani and Camden school –
South Africa - for 1600 students per day, and also provide bursary's on tertiary degrees that could add value to Sonae Arauco's Business.